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Dominican Nude Bundles – As Low As $0.96 Per Stick

We know you guys watch your dollars carefully. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for a great cigar that we can bring to you at a solid value so you can get the most our of your smoking budget. We picked up yet another bevvy of budget bundles so you can load your humidor with flavorful Dominicans without breaking the bank. These are Dominican puros that are going to run you just about $1 per stick and deliver value far beyond that. Stacked up against some of the other things you can buy for $1.00, these blue-collar smokes will deliver a serious amount of bang for your buck. You’re not paying anything for fancy bands or boxes, these are coming unbanded and bundled up so that every penny you spend goes right into the tobacco itself.

These are cigars that work as hard as you do. They look like a cigar and they taste like a cigar. Great for cutting grass, raking leaves, walking the pooch or giving out to your mooching friends. Tell them it’s a Cuban, they wont know the difference. This is actually a decent cigar that has some great characteristics. The burn was good and I got a nice medium bodied wood flavor out of it that was quite pleasing. I’ve smoked some real stinkers I wouldn’t give my dog to chew on and this was not one of them, not even close. So, stock your humidor up with one of the best buck-a-stick bargains going and have some decent sticks around for those times where you’d really rather save your Limitada Lotsa Moolah for another occasion. In spite of their low cost, these bundles like everything else we sell are backed by our top-notch satisfaction guarantee, so experiment with confidence.