Another Freestyle Live Event from Drew Estate Offers More Great Prizes

For anyone who follows Drew Estate, especially those who are more tech-savvy, Freestyle Live events are nothing new. In fact, the most recent of these online events was held just months ago. Now we’re being treated to another one of these interactive celebrations to start the summer.

For the uninitiated: Freestyle Live events are virtual gatherings for cigar lovers, put together by the friendly folks at Drew Estate. Best of all, you don’t need to be a computer whiz to participate. Simply visit Drew Estate’s Facebook page or YouTube channel between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. EST on June 8.

This isn’t just about idle stogie chitchat, either. Drew Estate will be using this livestream to announce a brand new line of cigars. But wait, it gets better. You can have these cigars in your hands by the time they’re announced! Just pick up one of their Freestyle Live kits, which include:
A 4-Pack of the New Drew Estate Cigars
A Freestyle Live Badge/Lanyard (Used for Contest Entry)
A Freestyle Live 4-Finger Case
A Freestyle Live Torch Lighter
A Freestyle Live Mini Mega Cigar Stand

Freestyle Live Kit Contents & Contest Prizes
Freestyle Live Kit Contents & Contest Prizes

As noted above, that Freestyle Live badge isn’t just a fashion accessory. It has a QR code printed on it that basically acts as a raffle ticket. Just scan the code with your smartphone to enter for a chance to win a huge prize. One runner-up will get $6,000 worth of airfare, while one grand-prize winner receives a gorgeous luxury watch worth $10,500! Plus, 10 additional winners will walk away with a prize pack from Subculture Studios.

Pick up a Freestyle Live kit from Best Cigar Prices while supplies last! You can also visit Drew Estate’s site for more information about contest rules and entry.

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