You Won’t Find Drew Estate In-Person At This Year’s TPE

Just last week, we were sharing the news that this year’s Tobacco Plus Expo was planning to move forward as an in-person event. Unfortunately, it looks like this decision may be clashing with the policies of would-be participating companies.

Drew Estate, a sponsor of TPE 2021, has signaled that they don’t plan on attending the event in May. In a letter to retailers, Drew Estate CEO Glenn Wolfson stated:

“[Safety] has been, and remains, priority number one. While the number of new infections seems to be slowing and vaccinations to prevent the spread of the virus are now being distributed, Dew Estate has not yet changed our internal protocols regarding employee travel and event attendances. Thus, we simply could not commit to our trusted partners at TPE that we would be in a position to do so by the time this year’s TPE tradeshow took place.”

Don’t fret just yet though, Drew Estate fans. Wolfson’s letter also mentioned that instead of an in-person exhibit, Drew Estate would be doing a virtual show directly available to retailers. The letter explained this would be “very similar to what you experienced last year, but with some new twists.”

So if you’re a retailer, you can still get a look at products and promotions that Drew Estate has coming down the line. Even if you aren’t a retailer, new Drew Estate goodies are something every cigar lover should be excited about!

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