Duck Dynasty Themed Cigar Announced

Duck Dynasty stars – photo from

Word on the street is that Duck Dynasty is currently one of the most popular shows on cable television. Like any well-known show, Duck Dynasty has an array of merchandise for sale, from t-shirts to bobble-heads and other duck themed merchandise, you can pretty much get anything. The latest item added to the list of Duck Dynasty themed products is what we’re excited about.

Announced yesterday, the official Duck Commander cigar features packaging including Phil Robertson, Willie and the rest of the crew from the show. The actual Duck Commander from the A&E show collaborated with Ted’s Cigars to make these unique stogies.

President of Ted’s Cigars, Ted Jackson, is eager about his new cigar. “This is an exciting partnership between Ted’s Cigars and Duck Commander and an excellent fit given that we are also avid hunters,” Jackson told Fox News. “We share many of the same values as the boys at Duck Commander, and know enjoying a fine cigar while outdoors can make anyone ‘happy, happy, happy,” explained Jackson.

The Duck Commander cigars will be available in boxes of 3, 10 and 25 cigars. Each cigar is individually sealed in a glass tube to provide optimal freshness. The smokes themselves are a mellow, creamy cigar with a smooth finish and feature a Dominican Piloto binder with filler tobaccos from the U.S. and Dominican Republic.

Since the show began airing in March, 2012 fans have started waiting outside of the Duck Dynasty gift shop and warehouse in hopes of getting an autograph or photo with someone from the show. The Duck Dynasty crew is quite a catch so we’re sure these cigars will be a hit!

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