EXTRA, EXTRA – The Best Bonus Items Are @ BCP

A number of our customers have recently pointed out that we are hands-down the best when it comes to extras. Thousands of items on our site have excellent bonus items attached, and from time to time we’re known to throw in the proverbial kitchen sink with a specific item or brand. I’m talking seriously great bonus cigars, accessories, and more valued in the hundreds. Why do we do it? Because EXTRA is awesome, as further evidenced by this lengthy list of always-welcome extras:

Extra-dark chocolate (gotta have that cacao, great palate cleanser)

Extra set of hands (can I get a little help over here?)

Extra days (courtesy of Leap Years, next one coming in 2020)

Extra credit (bonus points!)

Extra cheese (duh)

Extra phone charger (don’t leave home without it)

Extra onion rings in your order of fries (love when this happens)

Extra hour of sleep (daylight savings, baby)

Extra-strength antacids (for those late-night wing sessions)

Extra napkins (we’re slobs)

Extra-Terrestrials (the truth is out there)

Extra virgin olive oil (don’t act like this doesn’t make you feel fancy)

Extra Prolific (obscure 90’s rapper. Google it.)

Extra-long showers (but we still…can’t..get…clean…)

Extra-soft toothbrushes (recommended by most oral hygiene professionals)

Extracurricular activities (all work and no play makes jack a dull boy)

Extra butter (in regards to popcorn, specifically at the movies)

Extra income (fy, pm)

Extra nipple (they say it’s good luck)

Extrasensory perception (are you thinking what I’m thinking?)

Extra value meals (we know a good deal when we see it)

Extra life (1UP!)

Extra crispy chicken (finger lickin’)

Extra hold gel (for that wind-proof do)

Extra Fuerte (both Panza and Partagas)

Extra sauce (almost as important as “no ice”)

Extra large coffee mugs (the best part of waking up)

Extrawurst (Austrian cold cut. Delightful.)

Extra rinse cycle (gotta protect that sensitive skin)

Extra-yellow cellos (sign of good aging)

You get the gist. And you also get the best freebies and bonus items when you buy @ BCP. Check out a bunch of them here.

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