Eye Candy: Beautiful Women Smoking Cigars

Just like you, we here at Best Cigar Prices need a little extra something to get us over that Wednesday hump. While looking around for info on Nub cigars today I came across some eye-catching photos of a smoking hot woman smoking Nubs. I quickly made it my desktop picture, and I realized I should scour the Web for similar eye candy and generously share them with our esteemed blog readers. Turns out women smoking cigars is an interest that the Internet is perfectly suited for. Who knew?

We don’t mean to objectify women (or cigars) in this post. Though a very small percentage of cigar smokers are female, the number is growing and we wouldn’t want to alienate our customers of the fairest sex. But let’s face it, a dude smoking a cigar is not hard to come by. Part of the attraction of women smoking cigars is that it’s still somewhat taboo and rare. In reality, women smoking cigars are perfectly natural, and everyone from Gertrude Stein to Jodie Foster have enjoyed a nice stogie here and there.

So, for the gender that represents 98% of our customer base, here are some links for your viewing pleasure:

  • Yuma Cigars brings us the above-mentioned Nub Cigar Wallpaper.
  • The Smoking Hot Cigar Chick is super-hot, yes, but she’s also super-smart and super-knowlegable about cigars. Her videos are both informative and easy on the eyes.
  • Who could forget the Canadian women’s hockey team celebrating their gold medal by smoking cigars and drinking beer on the rink? It proves my point of women smoking cigars still being taboo among some men.
  • One of the best links we could find was this collection of photos from Manofest featuring female celebrities smoking cigars.
  • And finally, if you’re into diggin’ around on the shadier side of the ‘net, Smoking Fetish Forums have a wide selection of photos containing clothed, semi-clothed and… well… some of it’s just way NSFW. You were warned.

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