Cigars That Make for a Decadent Dessert

It’s no secret that many cigars try to harness the power of sweet flavor notes over more “traditional” tastes. These sweet smokes, commonly referred to as “dessert cigars,” can be the perfect way to finish off a big meal. Of course, the right balance of sweetness for a cigar is different from person to person. In this blog, we’ll try to find something for everyone, from the smoker who wants the slightest hint of sweetness to those who have a true sweet tooth when it comes to cigars.


Baccarat Natural
Baccarat Natural

First, we have the wildly popular Baccarat cigars. These smokes are characterized by their sugar-tipped cap, which gives otherwise traditional cigars an extra kick of sweetness that smokers of all stripes find truly delightful. Combine this sweetness with a mellow strength, and you have the perfect combination for a dessert cigar that follows a big, filling meal.

Acid One

Box of Acid One Cigars
Acid One Cigars

One of the best ways to finish off a meal (next to a cigar) is with a nice glass of wine. With the Acid One, you get the best of both worlds. Acid One cigars are made using tobaccos that have been cured within the casks of five red wines, all from different countries. The result is a sweet, satisfying smoke that hits the spot, especially for wine lovers.

Deadwood Leather Rose

Deadwood Leather Rose Box
Deadwood Leather Rose

We’ve saved the sweetest for last. This treat from Deadwood features premium aromatic tobacco wrapped in a flavorful maduro wrapper and topped with a sugary tip for good measure. If you truly crave something sweet after your dinner, Deadwood’s Leather Rose can be just as enjoyable as anything off of a restaurant’s dessert menu.

Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-smoke stogie with just a touch of sweetness or a cigar that doesn’t hold back on creamy, sugared flavor, there is something for you at Best Cigar Prices. Keep your humidor stocked with dessert cigars to ensure you’ll have something on hand when those after-dinner cravings hit.

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