Foundry Tobacco Company Brings Character & Art To Cigar Industry

General Cigars recently introduced the whimsical, unique and flat out fun Foundry Tobacco Company. General’s Creative Director, Michael Giannini, came up with this clever new company that has folks talking. From mermen, periodic tables, compounds and elements, Foundry represents mad scientists, pioneers and guys who simply love cigars. At this year’s IPCPR show in Las Vegas, General won best booth and we can’t help but think the Foundry Tobacco Company had something to do with that.

Boasting elaborate laboratory scenes, fog machines and a world fair vibe, Foundry Tobacco’s set up was like walking onto a movie set. Inspired by the periodic table, Compounds, Elements and Musings is the latest line of cigars from Foundry. In this particular line chemical elements from the periodic table are represented by 18 different blends, each displayed in extremely unique packaging.


While each cigar in the Compounds, Elements and Musings was awesome, a few in particular really stood out. Plutonium is a cigar with four different blends. Put each box together and it resembles dynamite seen in old cartoons. Take them apart and it’s actually four different boxes of cigars.

Gold plays homage to the men that are still out there mining gold. These cigars are decorated with a unique band that displays an old-fashioned gold minor. Europium is a beefy smoke with that displays a merman sitting on an old ghost ship. Vanadium was inspired by General’s Director of Public Relations, Victoria McKee. These cigars come in a 20 count, rare V shaped box.

New Foundry Cigars

This boutique collection is extremely rare and was created with the idea to add character, romance and artistry to the world of premium cigars. Other blends are Carbon, Hydrogen, Helium, H20 and more.  While the line sold out almost immediately at this year’s show, Best Cigar Prices was able to snatch up Gold, Europium, Argon, Xenon and Vanadium and should be receiving them next  month so be sure to check back to order your very own!

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