Choose Your Smoke with Fratello’s Vice Versa Cigars

A box of cigars can be quite the commitment. When picking a blend to buy, you aren’t just considering what you’re in the mood for, but what you can see yourself smoking in the days, weeks, or months to come. What happens when you want a mellow, creamy smoke but your humidor only has the peppery full-strength sticks you bought last month? Fratello may have produced a solution with the Vice Versa cigar.

Fratello's Vice Versa Cigar - Single Stick
Fratello’s Vice Versa Cigar

You see, these innovative cigars have a cap on both ends, giving you the choice of which end to draw from and which end to light. As the cigars’ centered bands suggest, one end will produce a full flavor while the other is mellow. Which end you light up determines the initial flavor and is entirely up to you.

As you could imagine, there is a variety of tobaccos being utilized in these Vice Versa cigars. The blend includes tobaccos from Ecuador, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Nicaragua, and even from here in Pennsylvania. According to Fratello’s owner, Omar de Frias, it was “a two-year process” getting this balance right. But get it right they did, working tirelessly at the La Aurora factory in the Dominican Republic.

And now, at long last, you can enjoy the fruits of their labor. When these 7 x 52 sticks start shipping around mid-October, you can expect some of them to arrive in our humidor. They’ll be available in 12-count packs with the low price tag that you’d expect from Best Cigar Prices.

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