Free Cigars For Troops!

We’re glad so many of you like us! Since we launched our Facebook page, we’ve steadily been gaining support, and it really has become an excellent way for us to personally communicate with so many of our loyal customer and foster a great relationship beyond just shipping your orders out. That’s why we wanted to celebrate in a serious way when we hit the 1,000 fan mark. We’ve been planning this ever since, and today, in honor of the Patriot’s Day anniversary that hits so close to home here in New York we announce the celebration – Free cigars for our brave soldiers!

We’re going to send a free cigar overseas to our hard-working men and women serving in the military for each person who likes us on Facebook. If you already “like” us, you’ve already done your part, and a brave troop is going to relax with a cigar provided by YOU. If you don’t “like” us yet, all you have to do is sign into Facebook and click that “like” link on our page. One click, and you know that a solider will fire one up all because of you. It doesn’t get any easier, and if you’re anything like me it’ll give you that warm feeling of having done something nice for someone very deserving that you don’t even know. If you want to do even more, please tell your smoking buddies to join up too! You can also click the “Suggest to Friends” link and let your Facebook network for friends know that it just takes one simple click to contribute to this worthy cause.

It's That Easy!

We’re going to keep this running for the week following 9/11/10, or until 11:59pm on 9/18/10. At that time we’ll take the number of fans and send that many cigars to our friend Dave in WA who maintains a huge list of active soldiers who enjoy a fine stogie. He’s going to make sure they all get distributed fairly and freely, and we sincerely thank him for his assistance in this effort. We also sincerely thank all the brave folks currently serving, enjoy the cigars and get home safe!

Click here to “Like” us on Facebook and you’ve put us one cigar closer!

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