Fuente-Newman Toast Across America Sampler

Combining exclusive releases from two of the world’s most respected super-premium cigar brands in one classy sampler pack, the Fuente-Newman Toast Across America Sampler 2019 is the latest in a long-running series dedicated to a good cause.

In 2001 J.C. Newman and Arturo Fuente joined forces to found the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. This organization was created for the purpose of improving lives in the mountainous Bonao region of the Dominican Republic. With a focus on helping families in this cigar-producing region, the group aims to give children in the D.R. an opportunity for a better future.

Beginning in 2003 the organization has released its special “Toast Across America” cigar samplers. Showcasing two special release cigars, 100% of proceeds from these unique samplers are donated to the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation.

Fuente-Newman Cigars
Fuente-Newman Toast Across America Sampler 2019

The latest release in this series, the Fuente-Newman Toast Across America Sampler 2019 includes two previously unreleased cigars: a Fuente Fuente OpusX Shark (5 7/8″ x 54) and a Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Shark (5 7/8″ x 54). Packaged together in an elegant coffin box, both of these exquisite sticks are only available in this sampler and hold a strong allure for collectors.

Uniting fine tobacconists and cigar enthusiasts from all over the world in the spirit of helping future generations in the Dominican, the funds raised from Toast Across America samplers have gone to build schools, medical clinics, sports facilities and organic farming areas. The fact that you get to enjoy two extraordinary cigars while supporting it is just the icing on the cake.  

The Fuente-Newman Toast Across America Sampler 2019 is in stock now and ready to ship. Grab yours now and enjoy a couple of the greatest smokes in the world – you’ll be helping out an awesome charity while you’re at it.  

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