Going Green In The Cigar World

As someone who has been environmentally-friendly for quite some time I was curious about finding cigars and cigar accessories that are eco-friendly. Interestingly enough, I did find a few cigar related items that are actually considered to be earth-friendly.

One cigar we would love to get our hands on is the Tesora Mio. Handmade in Costa Rica, the Tesora Mio uses tobacco that has been grown with no pesticides and is considered to be a completely organic cigar. These exquisite stogies have been aged approximately 5 years and feature an Ecuadorian Connecticut Deflorado wrapper, a Sumatra binder and long filler tobaccos from Costa Rica and Nicaragua. These “green” cigars have a nutty flavor and are a mellow to medium bodied smoke. According to owner of the Cigar Republic, Debora Harris, these eco-friendly smokes are not only good for the environment but they also taste great. If you’re looking for an ultimate smoke that’s easy on the planet than the Tesora Mio is perfect for you!

I came across a few eco-friendly humidors in my search for “green” cigar products. The Eco-Friendly Custom Cigar Humidor Box is made of quality, recyclable material and is perfect for not only preserving your cigars, but preserving the planet! Another “green” humidor that caught my eye was the Eco-Friendly Wooden Cigar Humidor Cabinet. This classy humidor is also made of environmentally friendly raw materials and is a fashionable cigar humidor that would look perfect in a home cigar lounge.

Recycled Cigar Box Coffee Table

While the items mentioned above are pretty awesome, I was hoping to find more products in the cigar world that can be deemed eco-friendly. However, when it comes to cigar boxes a lot of people are finding creative ways to recycle them. Recycled cigar boxes can be used for storage, crafts and decorations. Since I’ve been working in the cigar industry I have seen a lot of unique boxes make their way through the office. Whenever I see a box that really catches my eye I tend to grab it and bring it home. I’ll use them mostly for storage around the house, they come in pretty handy!

Other things I have seen from recycled cigar boxes are: purses, jewelry boxes, guitars, a coffee table and even a lamp! People get pretty creative when it comes to cigar boxes; I’m inspired to turn some of my old cigar boxes into something unique.So whether you’re smoking a stogie that uses pesticide-free tobacco, using a humidor made from eco-friendly materials or simply recycling your old cigar boxes, there are some ways to go “green” when it comes to enjoying cigars.

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