H. Upmann Connecticut Cigars

Travis Pappenheim, Education Manager for Altadis USA introduces the smooth H. Upmann Connecticut cigar

Transcript: Hi, Travis Pappenheim and I’m here to introduce the H. Upmann Connecticut Grupo de Maestros. This is the second in our series of collaborations utilizing manufacturers and people in the industry that are well respected within the community and the manufacturing community. Our Grupo de Maestros, or our “master blenders” have put this blend together utilizing an aged Connecticut wrapper with a nice Maduro cap on it because the wrapper that we used on this is from 2009 Connecticut. It does not do well with a lot of age so it becomes a little thinner to where we had to put a Maduro cap in it to hold it together. I might suggest using a v cut to cut the cigar to leave that Maduro cap on there to give you that best experience from smoking the whole cigar. But what else makes this really unique is we’re using pilotico tobacco in it. Pilotico is a tobacco that was brought over back in 1968 by the Mendez family from Cuba over to the Dominican Republic. We used seeds that he brought over from 1968 to start this crop back in 2015. The tobacco that’s in here from 2015 has a very unique quality, something you would get on a true heritage. Guys, this is a very, very unique blend. It is has gained a lot of popularity because that unique characteristic that we all look for. We hope you enjoy them guys, you know you can get them here at BestCigarPrices.com.

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