How To Cut a Torpedo Cigar – A Photo Guide

Cutting a torpedo cigar can be tricky. A torpedo’s gradual taper at the head gives you options as to how large or small you want your cut to be, which will alter the volume and concentration of smoke you get in each draw. While this little bit of customization can really enhance your smoking experience, it also can be daunting at first. What kind of cutter should be used? Where’s the best place to cut? These 3 simple steps will turn you into a torpedo pro in no time.

1. Get a Straight Cigar Cutter

Straight Cigar Cutters

The most common and straightforward way to cut a torpedo is with a straight cigar cutter. This is the easiest way to go, especially if you’re just starting out. Get yourself a straight cutter, any kind will do. A single-blade cutter, double guillotine, or sharp pair of cigar scissors will get the job done.  

2. Identify the Edge of the Cigar’s Cap

Take note of where the cigar’s tapered cap ends and wrapper begins. This will require a close look at the head of the cigar and is an extremely important step – if you accidentally cut into the wrapper, your cigar will begin to unravel. Once you see where the cap ends, place your cutter blade at least 1/8 of an inch above this point to avoid damaging the wrapper and destroying the cigar’s construction. It’s a good idea to start higher up on the cap, leaving yourself space to make additional cuts if necessary. Once you’ve selected a spot in this “safe zone”, you’re ready to make your cut.

3. Cut, Test Draw, & Adjust

The Cut

With your cutter in the preferred position on your cigar, close the cutter in one fast, sharp action. This quick motion will leave you with a nice, clean cut. Blow away any excess tobacco dust remaining after you cut and take a “cold draw” – a puff of the cigar before it is lit to see if the draw is to your liking. If it feels too tight for your preference, cut it again a bit further down, still being mindful not to cross that 1/8” threshold above the wrapper line. Once your cigar is cut and allowing sufficient air passage on cold draws, you are ready to light and enjoy your cigar.

These easy steps are your ticket to torpedo success. As a side note, this process can be used to cut Belicoso and Pyramid cigars as well, though you’ll have to adjust cutter placement accordingly to fit these different taper styles. Just make sure to avoid accidentally snipping the cigar’s wrapper and you’re golden.

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