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How to Switch up Your Cigar Smoking Routine

Many cigar connoisseurs consider smoking fine cigars to be their hobby. Cigar aficionados smoke only handmadeCigar and scotch premium cigars and they savor and enjoy each and every puff. Cigar enthusiasts get a thrill out of sampling new premium cigars and adding to their ever growing cigar collection.

Cigar smoking is meant to be a fun and rewarding break from the real world. If you have a passion for fine cigars don’t let it get stale! If your cigar smoking hobby has become lackluster there are many ways to reignite the passion you feel for fine, premium smokes.

Like many things in life sometimes we get stuck in a rut. This can also be true of your cigar smoking habits. Have you smoked the same kind of cigar for the past twenty years? Well maybe it’s time to switch it up a bit. We’re not saying to give up on your old faithful, just incorporate some new cigars into the mix. Who knows, maybe you will light up your new favorite cigar? You can also add a limited edition or rare cigar to your humidor to smoke on a special occasion. Ask the folks at Best Cigar Prices for a recommendation, they would be happy to help.

With the summer months upon us it is time to get out of the old smoking chair and venture outside. Switch up your smoking routine by getting a change of scenery. Go on a walk around your neighborhood or take a stroll through the park while enjoying your cigar. Cigars are meant to be enjoyed and what better way to enjoy it than in the great outdoors. If you are planning a vacation this summer, bring along that cigar you have been saving for a special event. (Check out our blog post on cigar vacation destinations.)

Another way to add some fun back into your cigar smoking hobby is to experiment with new cigar and beverage parings. Play mixologist and come up with some drinks that pair to perfection with your favorite stogie. Or visit your local brewery and test out how some of the draft beers go with cigars. Try out an IPA, stout, or Amber ale, just remember neither the cigar nor the beer should overpower the other.

Happy smoking!



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