Humidor Settings for the Summertime

humid All winter long the focus was keeping the humidor humidified at the proper levels. This became difficult when you are running your heat in the home full blast during a polar vortex. Now that summer is slowly creeping on us, the temperature is rising and the heat is now switched to the AC.

Exactly what does Heat and Air Conditioning do to humidity levels in the home? More importantly does it affect the humidity levels inside a humidor?

Adding heat or AC affects humidity levels within a home, which will effect the humidity levels within a humidor.

When the Air Conditioning is running, even in a perfectly sealed humidor every single time you open it up to grab a cigar expect massive amounts of cool humid air to enter into the humidor.

The colder the outdoor temperature, the more heat must be added indoors for body comfort. However, the heat that is added will cause a drying effect and lower the indoor relative humidity, unless an indoor moisture source is present.

In the summer however we have a completely opposite issue when the Air Conditioning is running full blast. It wrecks havoc in regards to temperature and humidity.

We have all seen it, the full blast air conditioner running in a damp, cool room when the outside temperature is approaching the average climate of Venus, complete with red hot rocks. This tends to skyrocket the humidity levels within a home.

How do you fix this? In reality you technically cannot, unless you have a humidor that dispenses single cigars akin to a vending machine you typically have to open that humidor to get the cigar. Which will always allow for humid damp air to enter into the environment. The best you can do is hedge against it. Assuming that occasionally that type of air will enter the humidor you need a way to stabilize the humidity levels after the fact. A Cigar Swami Cigar Genie Hydro-Gel Humidification Jar typically allows for fluctuations of additional humidity to enter as it’s absorbed into the gel removing it from the air. They are self-regulating, meaning they will also lower the humidity level if it becomes too high.

It is a perfect solution for both summer and winter. I strongly urge one to purchase the Cigar Swami to help regulate the humidity levels within your humidor and protect your cigar investment.

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