It doesn’t get much more luxurious than a sports car with a matching humidor. Though affording the humidor itself is a challenge, let alone the whole car, we delight in seeing what ridiculously overpriced options are out there. It’s a completely unnecessary extravagance, especially considering a decent travel humidor can be had for less than $50 and will function basically the same as these fancy-pants built-in humidors. On top of that, you can’t really build a humidor permanently into the car, because it would have to have its own autonomous heating and cooling system that operates even when the car is off.

That being said, it still won’t stop us from drooling over how awesome they look.

2010 Rolls Royce Phantom (Optional Glovebox Humidor)
The in-car humidor option available in the Rolls Royce Phantom costs more than a used car from 10 years ago, and it only holds three cigars. Of course, the car itself starts just under the half-million mark. We couldn’t find a whole lot of info on this one, but judging from the picture it looks more like a cedar-lined travel case than an actual humidified humidor. I just can’t fathom why someone would spend three grand on this and not donate it to — I don’t know — a hospital instead. Hmmmm…. save a couple lives or look really badass when I pull out my Opus X?

Chrysler Crossfire Roadster (Removable Humidor)
This humidor came standard with every 2005 Chrylser Crossfire Roadster. It’s a heavy, silver, cedar-lined box that can hold up to a dozen cigars and comes with a cutter and lighter. The whole thing fits nicely into the center storage console of the car, providing an integrated humidor solution that you can also take out of the car.

Cohiba Car Humidor by Ferrari
Hands-down this humidor wins the style contest. From the tire-inspired rubberized bumpers to the artful melding of Ferrari and Cohiba’s unique and instantly recognizable branding, this is the luxury auto humidor I want. It would look really silly in my Ford Focus, and I don’t really have $885 to burn, but it’s the sexiest piece of cigar gear I’ve seen in a long time. If red is your color, Ferrari makes another swank humidor for only $711.

Lamborghini Humidors
The luxury car manufacturer also makes a full line of stylish humidors. They’re minimalist and not as exciting as the ones listed above, but they’re much, much more affordable than anything I’ve mentioned so far. They range in price from a $34.99 travel case to a 120-cigar humidor for $249.99. If you’re in the market, Lamborghini also makes some cool cutters and lighters that are reasonably priced as well.

Porsche Travel Humidor
This carbon-fiber wrapped, Spanish cedar-lined humidor is light and luxurious. Of course it has the classic Porsche design. Of course it retails for $700. If that’s a little pricey for your budget, you can always go with the Porsche 3-Finger Robusto Travel Case which features a similar design but a much lower $360 price tag. I said lower, not low.

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