Introducing Alec Bradley 2nds – Specially priced at $41.95!

With cigars like the Tempus, SCR, and Family Blend, Alec Bradley has definitely cemented themselves as frontrunners in the super-premium cigar world. Their cigars are complex and unbelievably well made, having earned ratings as high as 94 percent from Cigar Aficionado and high praise from tons of online review sites. With all that said, the only problem with Alec Bradley’s super premiums is—you guessed it—the price.

Not all of us can shell out the cash for a box of top-shelf cigars, and that’s why Alec Bradley created Alec Bradley Seconds. These stogies are handmade at the Raices Cubanas factory in Danli, Honduras with the same tobaccos used in their Tempus, Select Cabinet Reserve, Family Blend, and Prensado cigars, including gorgeous dark wrapper leaves from Alec Bradley’s farms in Trojes, Honduras, and are some of the absolute best cigars you can get for $2 and change per stick.

We just got in our first shipment of these understated beauties, and we’re happy as can be with them. They’re toasty, nutty, chocolaty, and spicy without any of that harshness you’d expect from a lot of other brands’ “seconds.” These things are the real deal, and for a limited time, we’re knocking the price down on each bundle, offering them for the ultra-low introductory price of $41.95!

Let me stress that these are not your typical seconds—these could actually be firsts by many companies’ standards—so get yours now and get a taste of Alec Bradley’s tastiest cigars for a fraction of the price!

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