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Introducing San Marco by Camacho

It seems like we’ve got premium vendors beating down our door to make a killer Exclusive Brand for us! Hot on the heels of our release of Prodigy by Rocky Patel, we introduce to you today the eighth BCP Exclusive – San Marco by Camacho. We asked Camacho to make us well-balanced, medium bodied smoke with their signature premium quality. We also asked them to make it on a budget so we could offer our customers an unprecedented value on Camacho smokes. They came back to us with a winner on both fronts, and that is how we’re able to offer you premium smokes from one of the best factories around for as little as $3.40 per cigar.

A little about the blend: This one starts off with a mix of filler and binder tobacco from Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The Honduran tobacco was grown on Camacho’s own world-famous farm, and the Dominican leaf comes to us from Davidoff’s world class tobacco fields. This is topped off by a Honduran Sumatra-seed wrapper that provides a slightly spicy finish. You’ll taste some earth and wood flavors with some sweet cedar and caramel hints as you progress through this complex cigar. The burn is easy, the smoke is thick, and this one is a must-try for anyone who enjoys Camacho cigars or is looking for a solid value on an everyday smoke.

As previously mentioned, this blend is a steal at $3.40 per stick. However, we’re so excited about releasing a new brand from Camacho that for the first week of sales we’re going to knock $10 off of every box!   Be the first in line to try a San Marco.