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Humidors & Alternatives That Work

Throughout the first months of the Coronavirus pandemic, many folks stocked up on everything from essentials to luxuries that they wouldn’t want to go without; this includes cigars. But now that people have a full stash of stogies, a new issue has emerged: keeping them fresh as you smoke your way through them. Whether you’re prepared to purchase a humidor or you just want a quick and easy fix to prevent dried out cigars, we have a solution for you.


Cigar Humidor

Obviously, the best way to keep cigars fresh is by using a humidor—a storage container designed for just that purpose. If your newfound cache of cigars includes some select sticks that didn’t come cheap, investing in a humidor is the safest bet. Not only does Best Cigar Prices have an extensive selection of humidors for every size and budget, but we also have the accessories needed to ensure the interior of your humidor is always at an optimal temperature and humidity. Don’t take any chances with your most precious smokes.

Humidity Bags

Best Cigar Prices Transmidity Humidity Bag

Perhaps your new inventory of cigars is something more temporary and you aren’t ready to fully commit to buying a humidor. If that’s the case, a simple humidity bag can get the job done at a fraction of the cost. Sure, these bags aren’t made to be displayed like an attractive mahogany humidor, but if you value function over form, humidity bags are a no-brainer. Not only are they easier on the wallet than a humidor, but they are also much easier to bring along when traveling.

Homemade Hacks

Finally, there are some folks who simply aren’t interested in spending money on humidification products. Maybe you don’t think your inexpensive cigars warrant it, or maybe you just have a MacGyver-like knack for building your own solutions. Either way, there are ways to keep your cigars fresh using nothing but household items. If you have a sizable Tupperware container, an unused sponge, and some distilled water, you have everything you need. Simply cut a small square out of your sponge (a full sponge will produce too much moisture) and wet the piece you cut out using the distilled water. Place the damp piece of sponge in the Tupperware with your cigars and you’re all set! Of course, this is less precise than a humidor with a hygrometer, but it does the job in a pinch.

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