Kristoff Cameroon Robusto (5 1/2 x 54)

W – Cameroon

B – Dominican Habano

F – Dominican, Nicaraguan Habano

Origin: Charles Fairmorn cigars, DR

The Kristoff Cameroon made its debut in 2015 and pretty much immediately became a favorite among our customers. Showcasing a 7-year aged Cameroon wrapper over a lively mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos, these beautifully-crafted sticks have long been revered for their full and buttery-smooth flavor, and this week I decided that these Cuban-esque creations with pigtail cap and closed foot were long overdue for a proper review.

Pre-light draws gave off a taste of warm cedar with some sweet coffee notes.

The first puffs of the Kristoff Cameroon were creamy and packed with flavor. Bold tones of wood, baking spices, and bursts of black pepper goodness took turns popping up as the dominant components, and retrohaling revealed an intense spiciness that was lurking in the background. Burn and draw were both on point.

During the second third, the spice I had detected in the background crept into the forefront of the profile and a new dimension of brown sugar/caramel sweetness emerged. Eventually, I also began to pick up the coffee notes I had detected in the cold draws. This portion of the smoke was decidedly richer than the first.

The last third of the Kristoff Cameroon proved to be the smoothest, as heavy waves of cream carried complementary notes of bread, cinnamon, and cocoa. Hints of white pepper and lemony citrus showed up as final gestures of complexity as I finished up the session.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like far less cigars with Cameroon wraps are released these days when compared to 10 years ago. Have these African-born delicacies fallen out of favor in today’s Nicaraguan-crazy climate? Maybe. But anyone who doubts the deliciousness of Cameroon need only light up the Kristoff Cameroon for a pointed reminder. This cigar definitely embodied the smooth, sweet character that Cameroon wraps are famous for, which was a soothing component to its engaging complexity. Buy a box of Kristoff Cameroon, rent an Air B&B in the Hamptons for the weekend, smoke them all in two days, and emerge enlightened. Or, you know, just enjoy them as you normally would. They’ll still be awesome.

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