Tamdhu Introduces a Whiskey for Cigar Lovers

Sure, it’s not uncommon to enjoy a glass of whiskey with a cigar, but what if there was a whiskey that was designed for it. Well, now there is (with a bit of a price tag).

The innovative minds at Tamdhu distillery have created a one-of-a-kind whiskey made to complement premium cigars. Known as “Cigar Malt,” this unique liquor is stored in sherry casks that are hand selected to imbue the perfect color and taste. These European oak casks are essentially the only element that Tamdhu allows to affect the flavor of the single-malt spirit at the heart of Cigar Malt.

To further preserve the natural flavor, chill filtering is also avoided. Chill filtering is a technique in which whiskey is cooled to roughly 32 degrees Fahrenheit and passed through a specialized filter. While this removes some residue, it also alters the flavor—specifically the tasting notes that can make each spirit so distinct. That distinct flavor is exactly what has to be kept in tact for a whiskey like the Cigar Malt. With a texture and richness precisely engineered for cigar pairing, there isn’t really room for compromise.

If reading all of this has been enough to whet your palate for the Cigar Malt, your going to have to seek it out at specialist retailers. Unfortunately, it cannot be purchased directly from Tamdhu’s website at the time of writing. Still, it’s being sold in the US, UK, and a handful of other countries, albeit at a price. It has an RRP of £180, which means you can expect to pay nearly $250 in US dollars. If you can get your hands on it, treat yourself!

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