Krampus Cigar Marks the Latest Entry in Espinosa’s Rare Species Series

Espinosa has produced some eye-catching cigars over the years, and their Rare Species line is possibly the best example. Named after mythical creatures from folklore around the world, each Rare Species blend is as splashy as it is flavorful. If that wasn’t intriguing enough, they’ve given the latest entry in this line a holiday twist. Meet Krampus.

Espinosa Krampus Cigar Bundle
Espinosa Krampus

For those who are unfamiliar, Krampus is essentially the counterpart of Santa Clause. According to the lore of Central and Eastern Europe, St. Nick would reward the good children—Krampus punished the bad ones. What better way to commemorate this dark, fiendish character than with a near-black maduro cigar?

Inside of the Krampus’s luscious maduro wrapper, you’ll find a unique blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos, lending the cigar a taste that is both earthy and rich. Each Krampus cigar is also box-pressed to perfection, giving that extra bit of smoothness with every draw. For being named after Krampus, it sure seems like a present that’s straight from Santa.

Keep in mind that this is a limited-edition blend, so whether you want to gift a bundle or add them to your own humidor, you’ll have to act fast. No need to worry about overspending though, as this one-of-a-kind cigar is exclusive to Best Cigar Prices. You can pick up a bundle of 10 today for just $79.99 (while supplies last).

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