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M by Macanudo Toro (6×50)

“A coffee-infused experience”

W – Indonesian Bezuki
B – Philippine Isabella
F – Nicaraguan Esteli

Origin – Esteli, Nicaragua

The Macanudo brand’s first entry into the coffee-flavored cigar arena, M by Macanudo features an interesting blend of tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Philippines under an Indonesian Bezuki wrapper, infused with the essence of single-origin Colombian coffee. Hot on the heels of the M making its debut at IPCPR 2018 in Las Vegas, I fired one up to take it to task.

For starters, it would be neglectful not to mention the potent and appetizing aroma that this cigar emitted once it was freed from its cello. This was the distinct fragrance of cocoa powder ala Nestle Quik – delicious.

After punching the cap, cold draws offered up more sweet, cocoa-y vibes, this time in more of a Hershey’s syrup vein. I had had enough of this chocolatey suspense.

Once lit, a mellow and sweet woodiness was the initial profile of the first third of the M. The coffee taste was faint at first, slowly becoming more pronounced the further in I burned. Thanks to an especially easy draw, the cigar was letting off generous, smooth, and dense clouds of smoke in each puff. The fully realized coffee flavor was along the lines of the Cuban coffee Cafe Pilon, which happens to be the brand that I brew at home daily, so no complaints.

By the time I reached the 2nd third my palate was covered in a lingering dark and earthy sweetness and I was able to detect subtle notes of both cocoa and vanilla joining the creamy coffee character of the profile. The draw was ample, the burn was straight, and I had a sizable ash hanging on tough. Passers-by commented that it smelled like a good dark roast coffee (without knowing what cigar I was sampling.)

In the final third the M’s coffee taste was the most distinct, reminding me of the taste I get after leaving the pot on for an hour or so post-brew (not a bad thing.) Plenty of rich tobacco notes were present here, along with a zesty bit of black pepper spiciness. With a little over an inch to spare I finally hit the funk zone and put the nub down.

The coffee taste of the M by Macanudo really came across quite naturally, as if the team at Macanudo carefully chose tobaccos with an inherent coffee note for the blend rather than slathering some ho-hum leaves in some type of flavoring. The chocolatey goodness that I was picking up was of more of an artificial nature, but tasty and fragrant nonetheless and didn’t distract from the experience but enhanced it. My only regret is that I didn’t brew a fresh pot to pair with this decadent dessert smoke.

Fans of Java & Tabak Especial take note – we’ve got a serious new contender in the coffee-flavored cigar category, one you’ll need to try asap. For the time being, try to contain your anticipation and look for the M by Macanudo to land on our shelves this fall.

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