Macanudo Inspirado Green Robusto (5 x 52)

W – Brazilian Arapiraca

B – Indonesia

F – Colombia/Dom. Rep.

Following the Inspirado Orange in chronological order of release, the Macanudo Inspirado Green introduces yet more variety to the ever-expanding Macanudo cigar portfolio. This time around, a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper is the star of the show. Completing the equation is an Indonesian binder and select filler tobaccos from Colombia and the Dominican Republic. These diverse blend components had my interest suitably piqued in anticipation of this review.

Pre-light draws offered a glimpse of sweet cedar with hints of anise.

The cigar opened up with a firm draw delivering a taste of smooth earthiness. As I puffed on, subtle notes of malty sweetness and cocoa became increasingly apparent. Eventually, some zesty black pepper kicked in and lingered on the finish. Smoke production was ample, and a solid ash was slowly building.

As I burned into the 2nd third I began to pick up new nuances of pumpernickel bread, cream, and white pepper/nutmeg spice. Trickles of sweetness permeated the profile every few draws, and it became hard to discern exactly where the earth ended and spice began in this “melting pot”-like portion of the smoke. As I approached the final third my long, thick ashes were still holding on strong.

If you ever want to sabotage an awesome ash, by the way, just reach for a camera. Especially long ashes are notoriously shy, and will almost always drop out of sight when the threat of a photo presents itself. I digress…

In the last couple of inches, the cigar remained pretty smooth with continued breadiness and tones of unsweetened cocoa. Though they were now a bit sharper than before, the flavors remained palatable until the nub was finally laid in the ashtray.  

The dark-brown hue and meaty appearance of the Arapiraca leaf often give off the wrong impression. At a glance, it might seem like a particularly robust and intimidating tobacco. However, in addition to being the cigar wrapper type with the most fun name to say, Arapiraca leaves have a reputation for unique, creamy flavor that tends to lend sweet and mellow character to a cigar, and that is definitely the case with the Macanudo Inspirado Green. In this cigar, the Brazilian wrapper seems to lend balance to the rich fillers inside, culminating in a true medium body in terms of both strength and flavor. Splendid.

Burn and draw were both ideal, and construction left very little room for improvement. What else can I tell ya, Jack? It’s good stuff, and we happen to have it at the lowest prices legally allowed, so you should probably get your Macanudo Inspirado Green cigars right here.         

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