Macanudo Inspirado Orange Robusto 5×50

W: Honduran

B: Honduran

F: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua

Origin: STG Danlí, Honduras

After a successful introduction in the European market followed by a brief stint as brick and mortar exclusive in the U.S., the Macanudo Inspirado Orange is now in stock @ Best Cigar Prices.

Comprised of a burly Honduran wrapper over tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, the Inspirado Orange is billed as medium-bodied and is the O.G. (original ‘gar) of the Inspirado Series. It debuted in Europe in 2014 before landing stateside in 2016, and eventually was joined by the later Inspirado Black, White, Red, and most recently, Green blends. For today’s review, I pulled out a sample of the Robusto (5×50).

Pre-light draws produced a smooth taste of cedar with a slight nuttiness.

After the flame, the Inspirado Orange opened with a combo of spicy nutmeg and sweet cedar – a zesty and lively intro that grabbed my interest right out of the gate.

A few puffs in I began to detect subtle hints of citrus, and neat, grey ashes were beginning to stack nicely.

As I burned into the second third, tasty notes of cocoa and pleasant plumes of cream joined the party. Flavors were really popping now, as hints of caramel sweetness surfaced and the steady rush of baking spices kept on rollin’.

In the final portion, the cigar’s profile deepened further still to reveal some bready notes and some saltiness, as well as tones of coffee and sweet cream. This last third was awesomely clean in taste with zero traces of the “funkiness” you sometimes get at the end of even the best cigars.

It doesn’t happen all that often, but it’s typically a good thing when one of my first thoughts after finishing a cigar is “that went too fast.” The Macanudo Inspirado Orange was quite delicious, and I immediately found myself wishing I could have savored it for a little longer with the Toro or even Churchill size for review. This thing hit the spot from start to finish, simply oozing with elegant, spicy, and attention-commanding and nuanced flavor all the way. And to think the Europeans have been enjoying this amazing cigar since 2014? Those bastards!

The bold smoke I experienced today was far different from what I usually think of when someone mentions Macanudo. Maybe it’s time I officially updated my perception of the brand. Maybe it’s time you did too. Don’t worry, once you get a taste of the Inspirado Orange it’ll be easy to do.

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