Seconds can offer customers an incredible value on some very high quality smokes. Our special today is on the Macanudo Vintage 1988 seconds, we have been lucky enough to pick up batches of these occasionally over the past year or so. We just got a fresh shipment, so I wanted to let you all know we have them back on the shelf. We also were able to negotiate a friendlier discount than last time, and being the generous type I am passing that discount right along to you! If you need a refresher on the details of these smokes and how they came to be, here it is. They are marketed as seconds, but really they do not correspond to any “regular” Macanudo Vintage sizes, the “seconds” aspect of them are the sizes themselves. For whatever reason, Macanudo decided to scrap these way back then, so they have just been resting comfortably, waiting for you to come along and get a ridiculous deal on them. They are available in 3 sizes, a 5 x 54 torpedo shape, a 4 3/4 x 49 Robusto-size or a 5½ x 45 straight Corona-sized version. This is a high-end blend that is now nearly impossible to find, but these seconds offer you a chance to puff on the same tobacco for pennies on the dollar.

This is some seriously top-quality tobacco at a seriously low price. However, the packaging it comes in is a little less than top-notch. They all come in plain wooden boxes, all in cellophane but without bands. The boxes do not say “Macanudo” on them, and if there is a theme to the packaging it is “low budget”. Like I always say however, you are not going to smoke the box! So load your humidor up with these tasty treats and save yourself some dough, I know I would smoke one of these babies long before I would put my torch on “first” run offerings from many other companies.

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