Machine Made Cigars vs Hand Rolled Cigars

Exactly what are Machine Made Cigars and how do they compare to traditional hand rolled cigars?


The difference is literally in the name. Machine made cigars are consistent in quality many of them deliver a great smoking experience at a very affordable price. The large machine made companies are Dutch Masters, Philly’s and Villagers. All of these machine made cigar brands are available at best cigar prices. Most cigars are now made by machine, some, as a matter of prestige and quality, are still rolled by hand. Machine made cigars are cut, rolled and virtually entirely created by machine. This reduces price dramatically as large amounts of cigars can be created with much less labor when compared to hand rolled cigars.

Since handmade cigars are a premium product with a hefty price, advertisements often include depictions of affluence, sensual imagery, and explicit or implied celebrity endorsement making it rather comparable to high end cars in that regards.

If you are looking for a decent car to get you safely from home to work, you most likely will go to all the local car dealers and price compare those cars based on looks, performance, efficiency and other aspects of the car. If you are are looking for a high end sports car or a high end luxury car you still do the same but effectively ruling out all the non-high end sports or luxury cars before doing the search.

In the cigar world that translates to a hand rolled cigar smoker won’t often make a special run to purchase a machine made cigar, whereas people that typically smoke machine made cigars would find it a treat to have a higher end cigar once in a while. Though this is not a rule as many individuals do enjoy both types.

machine madecigar hand rolled

Hand rolled cigars can be much higher priced and many are considered premium cigars whereas machine made cigars are typically less costly but are never really considered premium. Exclusivity of pricing ensures that hand rolled will always be viewed as the more desirable of the two cigar types. Some however argue (and this argument has merit) that machine made cigars are far more uniform and the individuals knows exactly what to expect from the cigar. With hand made cigars you might see some significant variation even within the same cigar line or even the same box.

An example of an excellent hand rolled cigar would be Six Zero. This is a Best Cigar Prices exclusive by Boutique Blends, makers of Aging Room and Swag cigars. Perhaps the best value for a hand rolled cigar by a highly rated maker.

Six Zero

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