We all have our own idea of what a “dream home” would be and most of us long to have a home that can accommodate our every need. When you’re extremely wealthy in this day and age you can make pretty much whatever you want and customize your home however you’d like. Famous athlete Michael Jordan is a fan of premium cigars and recently went all out when it came to building his dream house.

Michael Jordan’s new home in Jupiter, Florida is a cigar lover’s paradise. The 28,000 square foot mansion is located right on a golf course inside an exclusive community called the Jack Nicklaus Bear Club. The mansion cost $12.4 million and is as luxurious as can be. What we’re dying to see is his custom designed cigar/movie room. Jordan’s state of the art cigar room is specially equipped with an air filtration system to keep the room clear of smoke. This unique room was designed to handle mass amounts of cigar smoke.

Jordan has been a long-time fan of cigars and lights up as often as possible. “It is the most relaxing thing,” Jordan told Cigar Aficionado. “Every time I get to a point where everything is coming at me, I would rather just sit back and smoke a cigar and relax.”

Partagas Lusitanias and Cubans are some of Jordan’s favorite cigars. In an interview with Cigar Aficionado Jordan said that it’s his biggest dream to visit Cuba to check out cigar factories. This athlete is serious about his cigars and now with his cigar-friendly mansion he can enjoy cigars wherever and whenever.

What would you include in your cigar room if you had unlimited amounts of money to build a dream mansion?

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