Mobile Cigar Lounge Now Rolling

Us fanatical cigar smokers are surely not the largest or most organized group of people in the world, but what we lack in numbers we more than make up for in determination and creativity. We’ve certainly discussed tobacco legislation here before, and we all know that the state of California imposes new anti-tobacco laws like Rocky Patel makes new blends. One city has even gone as far as to ban smoking in your own home! Smoking tobacco, especially in CA, is nearing prohibition status, but our Brothers of the Leaf in California have found an incredibly creative and fun solution!

The CigaRV is now rolling, serving many areas of Northern California. Their “mobile man-cave” concept is brilliant, and in addition to sending a message to anti-smoking nits, sounds like a whole lot of fun. The basic idea is that it’s a 26 foot, 1976 GMC motorhome decked out on the inside to mimic a tobacco shop. Leather couches, big screen TVs, and of course most importantly the well-stocked humidor make this a dream-ride for dudes everywhere. While still in its infancy, the CigaRV has already been a hit at many Bay Area events including charity golf tournaments and a local farmer’s market. This rolling cigar lounge is also available for hire for your own private event, allowing you to host in a cigar lounge wherever you please.

I think this concept is a very natural reaction to increased regulations and likely will become a very common platform for evading restrictions that make it even impossible to smoke inside a cigar shop. This may just be the very beginning of a revolution – I can appreciate how cool it is to have a slick cigar lounge roll up to your tailgate party at a football game, but I’m already picturing these moving tobacco havens cruising around cities on a schedule. Imagine waiting at the “cigar bus stop”, climbing aboard, and settling into a leather couch, premium smoke in hand. You could ride around and puff for a while, then get off wherever you pleased. Or how about a “guy’s weekend” road trip? Any extensive drive would be a pleasure instead of an undertaking if you had one of these babies chauffeuring your crew. The possibilities truly are endless, but in the meantime I’m going to sit back and appreciate the ingenuity of the smoker who thought to himself “If I can’t smoke in cigar shop, but I can smoke in my car, why don’t I turn my car into a cigar shop?”

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