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More Churchill Auctions to be Held in UK

I don’t think there’s a cigar smoker out there who doesn’t love Winston Churchill, and we’re no exceptions. So when I read about yet another set of auctions featuring his cigars and personal memorabilia, I just had to post about it.

According to an article posted by the BBC, Keys Auctions will be hosting several of these auctions tomorrow. Among the items that are being auctioned off is a cigar that is thought to have been discarded by Churchill when he heard that Hitler’s deputy Rudolph Hess’ plane had crashed in Scotland.

Also being auctioned is a cigar box and cigar that Churchill once gifted to a police officer, as well as several other personalized cigars, both partially smoked and unsmoked. One of these cigars has a personalized “V for Victory” band, which specialist valuer Andrew Bullock said he’d never seen before.

Also up for sale is a sealed tin, which contains a piece of Churchill’s 1945 Christmas cake, as well as a piece of Clement Attlee’s daughter’s wedding cake. I can’t imagine that these haven’t been reduced to nothing more than sugary hockey pucks at this point—I hope whoever wins the tin has the good sense not to open it, unless, of course, they’re going to try to eat it (and hopefully film it).

The article mentions that in a series of similar auctions last year, a partial set of Churchill’s false teeth went for over £15,000 (over $24,000 USD). I wonder if the partially smoked cigars were at some point clamped between these false teeth—the set could make for an interesting collection.

Anyway, keep an eye out for the auction results, as I’m sure BBC will post something about them once they’re closed. Maybe we’ll even do a followup post.