My Father Cigars Belicoso Collection Gift Set

A great gift set for the cigar lover who appreciates the finer things, the My Father Belicoso Collection comes equipped with 6 of My Father Cigars’ greatest handmade creations as well as a beautiful collector’s edition lighter and cutter set tucked neatly into their own dedicated space within the box.

My Father Belicoso Collection Gift Set

Showcasing beautifully-crafted belicoso versions of the classic My Father cigar, the mellow and creamy My Father Connecticut, and the 97-rated My Father Le Bijou blend, this set presents a well-rounded variety of exceptional top-shelf smokes. The inclusion of the necessary accessories just adds to the value of this outstanding collection.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or on the hunt for a just-under-the-buzzer belated holiday gift, you’re in luck – we’ve got the My Father Belicoso Collection Gift Set in stock now for just $49.99 right here.

My Father Belicoso Collection includes:

2) My Father Belicoso (5 3/8 x54)

2) My Father Connecticut Belicoso (5 3/8 x54)

2) My Father Le Bijou Belicoso (5 3/8 x54)

1) My Father Cigars Djeep-style flint lighter

1) My Father Cigars Double blade cigar cutter

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