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New Cigars 11.23.15.

Did I mention that it gets stupid-busy here around the holidays?

I’m taking a quick break from preparing our Black Friday blitz to get you up to speed with this week’s New Cigars. This first one would make a mighty fine chaser for your Turkey Day pig-out:


Viaje Collaboration 2015

viaje_collaboration_2015The very first Dominican-made Viaje cigar, Viaje Collaboration 2015 is a joint creative effort between Andre Farkas of Viaje and Abe Flores of PDR Cigars. The Collaboration 2015’s impressive blend of high-end tobaccos features a Cuban-seed Ecuadoran Havana 2000 wrapper, two binder leaves of Dominican Corojo, and a filler combination of Dominican Cojoro 2006, Dominican Piloto Cubano, and some Nicaraguan leaves from the Condega region. This medium-bodied concoction paves the way for a parade of concerted tasting notes including crisp cedar, nutmeg, cream, vanilla, and rich earthiness. Throw in classy presentation via individual coffin boxes and you’ve got the total package – top-shelf taste, build, and looks. Only 600 boxes of these intriguing smokes were produced, so if you don’t wanna miss the boat, come and get ‘em.




Camacho Machitos

camacho_machito_crilHoney, they shrunk the Camachos.

Camacho Machitos take the same tobacco recipes as their full-sized counterparts, and boil them down to nice little 4×32 cigarillos that you can enjoy in 20 minutes. Unlike some other brands that have released “cigarillo versions” that share a name with their best-selling lines, but not much else, Camacho’s new Machitos are true representations of their Corojo, Criollo, and Connecticut blends that fans will recognize instantly. Packaged in slick tins of 6, these flavorful mini-’machos will come in handy when the deep freeze sets in. Winter is coming. Stock up now.




Santa’s Stogies Sampler

samp_ng_santastogiesYeah, I’m putting a BCP sampler in here – but not just any BCP sampler.

Our Santa’s Stogies assortment features a whopping 48 cigars from brands like Rocky Patel, Cohiba, Gispert, Perdomo, Gurkha, and Alec Bradley, all for only $89.99 – just $1.87/stick when you break it down. Where I come from, that’s what they call “A slam-dunk bargain.” Okay, so nobody actually says that, anywhere. But this sampler really is quite an awesome deal.

There’s also a few lesser-known “hand-out” cigars in the mix (cigars you’d probably rather hand off to someone else than smoke yourself,) but that’s by design. We’ve all got that one annoying uncle who suddenly becomes a self-styled connoisseur after a few eggnogs, or that Wilson-esque neighbor who you can always count on to pop up for a mooch with impeccable timing. Full disclosure: the “Light Me Ups” included in this massive pack are for them. The rest of these cigars, though, are intended to fully satisfy those with a seasoned cigar tongue, at a pauper’s price even. If you only grab one cigar sampler this season, you might as well make it count, so make it this one.



Okay, that’s enough for now, I gotta get back to the grind. Come on back next week and see me, won’t you?

Until then, take it easy.

– Dr. J