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New Cigars 9.24.15.

“Great things like this only happen for the first time once.”

– Gary Busey


A very fitting quote for this week’s New Cigars. Check em’ out:


Swag Brown Connecticut

swag_ct_egoOur pal Rafael’s latest Swag creation was all anybody could talk about on Friday when we first unpacked the Swag Brown Connecticut. The cigar’s namesake, a shade-grown “Ecuadorian Brown Connecticut” wrapper is the star of the show here, concealing a mix of first-class, aged Dominican binder and filler tobaccos that play host to silky nuances of cedar, cream, coffee, and toast. Breakfast, anyone? Mr. Nodal made it sound very tasty when he described it as a flavorful smoke with a unique profile displaying both Connecticut and Habano leaf characteristics, but then again, Rafael is such a smooth-talker he could read the phone book and make it sound like poetry. This one clocks in at a solid medium body and, like all Boutique Blends cigars, smokes like a dream. No touch-ups or re-lights necessary, friends; just kick back and enjoy the ride.




La Imperiosa

laimperiosa_dblrobAnswering the barrage of pleas to produce more Las Calaveras EL 2014 cigars, Crowned Heads LLC has finally re-introduced the very successful blend as La Imperiosa: a new ongoing-production cigar line produced at My Father Cigars in Nicaragua. To complicate matters a bit further, “La Imperiosa” is a resurrected front-mark that was originally used on an old Cuban brand. So, yeah. You can safely expect the same deeply rich flavor, complex taste profile, and unerring consistency you loved about Las Calaveras 2014, because leaf for leaf, it’s the same cigar. The one that I said had “hard and heavy flavor”with tones of “punchy black pepper,” “molasses,” & “dark, woody notes of oak,” when I reviewed it way back in July of 2014. I’m sticking by my original evaluation, but I’ll add that I love the cool, simple bands on La Imperiosa (which are a re-creation of the Cuban La Imperiosa bands from the early 1900’s.) They make it look like your average old-school drugstore cigar, which adds to the shock and awe that occurs when you light it up and get your palate blown clean out of your face with bold flavor.




Kristoff Classic Reserva

kristoff_class_res_robLimited to just 3000 boxes produced, the Kristoff Classic Reserva is a small batch offering made at Abe Flores’ PDR Cigars in the Dominican Republic.

I gotta say, the unassuming name of this cigar does nothing to key potential buyers in on the weird flavor science going on here. This thing is ambitiously complex, for reals. I’m talking about a profile that serves up notes of dark cocoa, citrus, grass, rye bread, almond, butter, pretzel, cream, and oak with a peppery finish – and I even left out some of the more imaginative flavor descriptions folks have been batting about. An Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic is what makes the magic happen. Methinks “One-of-a-kind” sums up this cigar quite nicely.



Kristoff Cameroon

kristoff_cam_chur1Word on the street is that the new Kristoff Cameroon has that creamy sweetness (or is it sweet creaminess?) that’s only found in the very best Cameroon-wrapped cigars. This is actually the first Kristoff offering to feature a Cameroon wrap, but it smokes as if the team at Kristoff were old pros with the African leaf. A 7 1/2-year-aged Cameroon wrapper does the heavy lifting for its core of hearty Nicaraguan and Dominican Habano binder and fillers. This well-rounded tobacco recipe makes for an amazingly creamy smoke with lingering notes of nutmeg, almond, cinnamon, and more. It’s like somebody spilled sweet cream on a spice rack and tied the whole beautiful mess together with a Cuban-style pigtail cap. Fantastic.






What modern cigar marvels will we reveal next? You’ll just have to check back next week to find out, won’t you?

Arrivederci –