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NYC Major Bloomberg Bans Smoking in Central Park, Times Square and Coney Island

Pretty soon you’ll be fined $250 for smoking outside in New York City. If the City Council passes Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on smoking in public outdoor spaces — and all indications are they will — we will be sliding at full speed down the slippery slope to hell in a handbasket.

Seriously, can you believe this? I guess we saw it coming, but even non-smokers have to see the idiocy of this plan. What’s next, no fatties? A single automobile produces a hundred times more harmful and voluminous clouds of exhaust than a cigarette… will it soon be illegal to drive outdoors? If we can’t smoke inside and we can’t smoke outside, where the hell do you want us to smoke, underwater?

It’s a little hard for us to think straight after hearing this news. These draconian and fascist measures run counter to the very letter of the Constitution which protects our freedom to make personal choices, as long as they harm no one else. Outdoor tobacco smoke does not harm anyone! It evaporates into the air! Come on, people!

Normally this is the part where we urge you to contact your local representative and tell them to stop this stupidity. But let’s be real, there’s nothing you or I can do about the crusade to take away our personal freedoms save a full-scale revolution in how we elect the officials that turn and take our freedoms away.

But how could they possibly enforce this law, you ask? I’ll tell you. Several years ago, I was fined $85 for smoking a cigarette on an open subway platform in New York City. This was shortly after a ban on indoor smoking was enacted. But I was outside! There were absolutely zero ‘no smoking’ signs on the platform. An officer on the opposite side of the platform saw me and ran down the stairs, giddy that he was about to write a ticket. Just like that, I’m in the NYC police database for smoking outside, and out $85.

Folks, we need to scream against this from the rooftops. The majority of Americans are against this ban, and if the dumbed-down U.S. citizenry actually pulled their heads out of their butts for a second, they would see that this for what it is: an opening salvo in a long invasion on our personal freedom by governmental entities.

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