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One Cigar Before The World Ends

It seems like no matter where you go, there are always people insisting that the end times are near. From the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Y2K scare to the current trend in people predicting the end of the world coming when the Mayan Calendar cycle closes on December 21, 2012, there’s always a reason to fear the end. Everyone from the most logic-driven

The Mayan Calendar That Ends In Two Years

scientists to the farthest out there religious zealots have been convinced that something is going to squash our fragile existence, and that’s it’s just about to happen. We just keep plugging along through all of this, but of course the fact of the matter is it WILL happen, it’s just a question of when. While I’m not narcissistic enough to be 100% positive that it’s going to happen in my lifetime, it would be pretty cool to be around to see what happens at the end. I’m rooting for a gamma ray burst from a supernova that annihilates the planet in a giant flash of light so we don’t have to endure years of survivalist living before we starve to death in harsh conditions caused by a massive polar shift or volcanic eruption, but it sure isn’t up to me. The other thing I hope for at the end is that we get a little advance notice so we’ve got time to savor our last few hours on Earth.

While the end of the world is certainly a frightening thought, there is a certain liberating sensation that comes from imagining what you’d do if you knew the whole thing would be over in a couple days. No consequences, no future plans, no need to save money, just pure living in the moment. One of my favorite bands, Dead Unicorn, reminds me that it could all end at any time, so it’s a good idea to live a little bit of every day like it’s your last. Of course for all of us, that means smoking a tasty cigar like it’s your last! Since I can never stop thinking about cigars, all this got me thinking – when the news report flashes that we’ve only got 24 hours to go, what cigar am I grabbing from my humidor to puff on while I watch it go down? No more aging it, or waiting for that perfect special occasion, it’s smoke ‘em if you got ‘em time.

Now as you probably imagine with my sweet position here I’m constantly accumulating some seriously primo sticks for my stash. I’ve got a collection of the best of the best, but if I just had time for ONE last smoke, I’m not sure it’d be the most expensive. Delectable as an Opus X or Padron Anniversario is, I’m not sure those are the ones I’d reach for. What it really comes down to is I’d want to puff on the cigar that has given me the absolute most pure enjoyment. This is obviously a serious personal preference issue for every smoker. For me, I think that’s the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Robusto. A high-end smoke to be sure, but probably not even in the top 10 priciest sticks I’ve got resting in my humidor. Unfortunately, it also isn’t taking up the most real estate in my humidor. Realizing that, it made me wonder – why not stock up some more on the smoke that hits my palette the best and smoke ‘em more often? Of course I’d never restrict myself to just one cigar, after all, variety is the spice of life. Who knows, I might find another stick down the road that knocks Rocky out of his spot as my “last cigar ever”.

The bottom line is I think many of us are guilty of denying ourselves the cigars we enjoy for any number of reasons. Maybe they’re too expensive, hard to find, our you just want to save them for special occasions only. I’m guilty of all of those fallacies too. However, thinking about the last cigar I’ll ever smoke makes me realize I should just get over all those reasons and smoke what I like the best more often. Take a page out of Dead Unicorn’s book and smoke every cigar I light up like it could be my last. After all, if that gamma ray burst really does come through, there won’t be time to have one last Rocky Vintage 1990.