Partagas 2021 Collection Cigars and Lighter Gift Set

There’s a reason why Partagas cigars have endured for over 175 years.

The methods the brand uses to produce their best-in-class cigars may have changed over time, but their trademark commitment to excellence remains intact, and the gorgeous Partagas 2021 Collection Gift Set is an excellent celebration of/introduction to the storied Cuban heritage brand.

Partagas 2021 Collection Gift Set

This snazzy gift box comes strapped with four unique Partagas expressions inside, and having recently undergone a packaging makeover, these are undeniably some of the best-looking cigars on the market. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’re also some of the tastiest, offering rich tasting profiles derived from their carefully-selected blends of fine vintage tobaccos. Completing this slick gift set, a powerful quad torch lighter emblazoned with the Partagas logo ensures you’ll get a thorough and even light on these delicious Partagas sticks.

Partagas 2021 Collection Gift Set Includes:

1x Partagas Naturales

1x Partagas Black Label Magnifico

1x Partagas Legend Toro

1x Partagas Cortado Toro

1x Partagas Quad Torch Lighter

It’s a pretty strong situation for just $44.95. Grab yours here.

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