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Photos from the IPCPR Trade Show

As you all know, last week was IPCPR week. The lucky few of us who attended were not only treated to new smokes from Alec Bradley, Toraño, Perdomo, C.A.O., Rocky Patel, Oliveros, La Gloria Cubana, Padilla, and many, many, more, but also went to several company-hosted parties and hung out with some major players in the cigar business. Here are a few of the photos that Meg, a coworker of mine, was nice enough to send to me:

CAO's newest offering, the OSA SOL
Outside box shot of the CAO OSA SOL


The all-new Toraño Loyal, which will soon be on our shelves
The new Toraño Vault--we'll be carrying this one, too!
Toraño Vault humidor, commence the drooling


Our buyer, Warren, with Alan Rubin
The overcrowded outdoor smoking area at the General Cigar party

Warren burning a stogie with Nestor Miranda
Mandatory fancy footwear shot (Alan Rubin's on right)

Anyway, I hope you’re as excited to try out all of this year’s new offerings as we are to carry them–as you can well imagine, we got tons and tons of samples from vendors at the show, so I’ll be well-stocked for reviews for a while. I’ll post more details about the new lines as I find them out, but in the meantime, keep an eye out on our site!