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Please allow me to introduce myself…

Greetings smoke-fans, and salutations from Drums, PA. As my esteemed colleague Will noted in his last post, we are now up and running in our new state-of-the-art facility in north-eastern Pennsylvania, and I will officially be taking over all blog duties starting, well, now!

Continuing in the fine tradition that Will (and others) have established, I look forward to bringing you all the latest news, reviews, updates and general gossip surrounding our favorite pastime: collecting, smoking and most importantly, enjoying premium cigars. As an avid cigar-smoker and collector for the past few years, I’ve got a pretty good grip on the subject and hopefully you will find my insights and anecdotes as interesting and useful as my predecessors’.

So be sure to stay tuned, as we’ve got lots of exciting news, features and announcements coming up in the not-too-distant future and I certainly wouldn’t want you to miss out. In the meantime I think I’ll spark up a nice Lancero in order to celebrate a brand new era of brilliant BestCigar bloggery! Cheers!

– Jason