Premium Honduran Sampler – 50% Off MSRP

Today we bring to you a selection of premium smokes from Honduras that show off some of the best the country has to offer. You get a selection of six top-notch cigars representing four of the most recognized brands to come out of Honduras. For starters, you get two top-of-the-line blends put out under the Hoyo de Monterrey/Excalibur umbrella, the Hoyo de Tradicion and the Excalibur Legend. Both are relatively new offerings, and both have generated rave reviews from critics and aficionados alike. If you are a fan of the regular Excalibur or Hoyo de Monterrey, you owe to yourself to check out these high-end blends. Next up two offerings from Don Tomas, the Clasico line that is one of the most popular smokes in our humidor and the newer, premium Sungrown line that features a darker wrapper and a little more spice. Rounding out this stellar six-pack you get two Sancho Panza smokes, one from the strong regular blend, and the other is even stronger from the Extra Fuerte line. Sancho Panza smokes always deliver big taste, full body, and top quality at a great value. That is what this sampler is all about, value! You will notice when this pack shows up that it says “Buy 4 Get 2 Free” across the top. That is the manufacturer sales pitch, they price these samplers for us to be sold at 33% off MSRP. However, here at BCP we are never satisfied with the standard old discounts, so I have an even better deal for you! The MSRP value on this sampler is $48.00, and worth every penny. However, decided to throw in a free smoke of our own, and only charge you a skinny $23.95 for all 6 smokes, fully 50% off MSRP! Stock up, try some new blends, and save yourself some dough to spend on a full box once you find a new favorite in this sampler.

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