Ozgener Family Cigars Will Use Proceeds from Their Bosphorus Blend to Help Earthquake Victims

You may recall a recent BCP blog that profiled the Bosphorus cigar line from Ozgener Family Cigars. Well, we’re writing about them again. Not because we forgot to mention the high ratings from Cigar Aficionado, or the blend’s complex flavor profile. We’re returning to Bosphorus because Tim Ozgener (president of Ozgener Family Cigars) has announced that proceeds from this cigar line will be donated to Turkish Philanthropy Funds—an organization helping those affected by the recent earthquake.

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit central Turkey and northern Syria has been one of the deadliest in modern history. The death toll recently surpassed 40,000, and that number is only expected to climb. Needless to say, relief efforts need all of the help they can get.

This is more than just philanthropy for Mr. Ozgener—it’s personal too. Both of Ozgener’s parents hail from Turkey, and the Bosphorus line was even named after the strait that runs through the center of Istanbul. In Ozgener’s own words, “as Bosphorus has a direct inspirational connection to Turkey, we felt that we absolutely needed to help those affected.”

Best Cigar Prices currently has boxes of Bosphorus available in all sizes (as well as 5-packs of the B55). Of course, if you’d like to donate directly to Turkish Philanthropy Funds, you can do so here.

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