Punch Golden Era Cigars Have Hit Our Shelves

There was a time when the Corojo was king. Sure, it’s still common enough today, but back in the “Golden Era” of cigars, it was unmatched. The leaf’s distinctive spiciness combined with its smooth, oily texture put it at the top of everyone’s list as far as wrappers are concerned. Punch is now inviting you to relive this historic period with their aptly named Golden Era cigar.

The blend is an ode to the Corojo’s incredible flavor and versatility. Corojo is used not only for the wrapper, but the binder as well. Even the filler combines the Corojo with Honduran Habano tobacco for an unfiltered flavor that is still smooth enough to avoid overpowering the palate. No matter your taste, this cigar has the potential to be a new favorite.

Punch Golden Era Toro - Box
Punch Golden Era Toro – Box

Along with its balanced, medium-bodied strength, the Golden Era has plenty of intriguing flavor to offer the discerning aficionado. Harnessing the natural spiciness of the Corojo, the blend offers earthy and creamy notes to add dimensions to its flavor profile. This one deserves the top shelf of your humidor.

The Golden Era is available in three different sizes: Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 52), and Churchill (7 x 48). You’ll find all three of these sizes available at a low cost from Best Cigar Prices. Grab a box for yourself before they’re gone!

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