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Punch Guy is Back! Free Punch Bobblehead With Every 5 Pack and Box of Punch Rare Corojo

Every cigar company has its own version of the powerhouse smoke, but there are only a few that are spicy, heady, and intense enough to rant about. One of those rant-worthy spice bombs is Punch Rare Corojo. These stogies deliver enough red pepper, cedar, and leather character to put a smile on any veteran smoker’s face, and they make a great introduction to strong cigars for the novice. Despite its name, the Rare Corojo line isn’t made with a Corojo wrapper leaf—instead, it dons a toothy, oily Ecuadorian Sumatra. Nonetheless, these smokes are spicy, complex, and satisfying from beginning to end.

These smokes only come out as often as their one-of-a-kind wrapper tobacco is available, hence the “rare” designation. But we happen to have more than enough to go around, and for a limited time, we’re making them more enticing than ever. For the next week, we’re giving away a free Punch Bobblehead Doll with every box or 5-pack of Punch Rare Corojo that we sell! Punch cigars Bobblehead Dolls are some of our most popular accessories, and last time we put them on sale, they sold out way faster than we expected. This deal will only go on as long as we have them in stock, so get your box or 5-pack of Punch Rare Corojo today and enjoy what is probably the greatest cigar gag gift in history!