Quibungo Cigars from Espinosa

The second installment in Espinosa’s exciting limited edition Rare Species series, the elusive Quibungo cigar is a creamy, medium-bodied smoke with a perfect spicy bite, brought to you by the fine folks at La Zona cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Limited to just 1500 cigars crafted using a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper leaf over smooth Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos, the Quibungo was named for the vicious “Bogeyman” of Brazilian and African legend that is known to devour his prey via the huge mouth on his back.

Quibungo Cigars - Bundle of 10
Espinosa Rare Species Quibungo bundle of 10

A creature with origins in African folklore that became massively popular in Brazil through the years, the Quibungo has been described as half-man, half-animal, with a grizzly appearance similar to a werewolf. At the height of its popularity the Quibungo myth was largely believed to be true by Brazilian natives in the same way that some swear by the existence of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. The terrifying beast was believed to be hiding in the woods of Bahia, sneaking out only in the darkest hours of the night to brutally feast on unsuspecting locals before retreating to his forest caves. 

While that may sound like the stuff of nightmares, Espinosa’s Quibungo cigar smokes like a dream, especially for those who appreciate the subtle flavor nuances of Brazilian tobaccos. A slow burn unveils dense and decadent tones of cedar, coffee, cream, and peppery hints of spice until the last delicious puff.

Available in bundles of 10 cigars, this special creation from the La Zona crew delivers great rich taste without overwhelming strength, as well as a flawless burn performance on each handmade stick.

Like the dreaded Quibungo himself, this rare blend is destined to vanish without a trace before you know it.

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