Grammy-Winning Rapper Nas Will Be Co-Owner of Escobar Cigars

Nas has been a recognizable name in the music industry since the ‘90s. A less-known aspect of his career is the venture capital firm that he started with Anthony Saleh in 2013: QueensBridge Venture Partners. Believe it or not, his portfolio currently includes more than 100 businesses spanning a number of diverse fields.

Among these businesses are some notable names, too. His firm has financed platforms like Robinhood, DropBox, Lyft, and others. Now, Escobar Cigars is joining that list. In fact, despite all of his partnerships with big names, Nas has taken a shine to the small cigar company. In an interview with Bloomberg, he said of the investment: “I look at it separately from any other business that I’m doing.”

The details of their deal suggest that to be true. He isn’t just investing substantial capital into the three-year-old company—he’s becoming a co-owner. In this position, Nas will be advising on marketing, e-commerce, and packaging for Escobar Cigars. This active role may seem surprising to some, but the rapper has always been a cigar enthusiast. As he told Bloomberg, “I’ve always had a hidden love for—well, not so hidden—I got tons of pictures through the years with different cigars.”

Whether you’ve never heard his music or you still have the Illmatic CD in your Walkman, this is welcome news. What’s not to love about a fledgling cigar company getting a big boost in notoriety (and money)? Hopefully this will lead Escobar Cigars to a more expansive future with fresh, unique blends. We’re certainly looking forward to it.

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