Rare Cigars Sell for Over $1,000 Each at Auction

Cigars are one of our favorite things here at Best Cigar Prices so we can completely relate to the guy in London who recently dropped over $1,000 on just one cigar. Whether or not some of us can afford to do that is a different story… but we sure would like to.

An anonymous bidder at an auction held in London got himself some premium aged cigars, nearly all of them Cuban. The item purchased was an almost completely empty box of Cuban Dunhill Estupendos. These Churchill sized cigars are packed in white tubes and were rolled back in the 1980’s. The box was sold for $6,462, which breaks down to $1,077 a cigar.

“Our Winter 2013 Vintage Cigar Auction saw a huge increase in absentee bidders from the Far East where the thirst for limited edition Cohiba, in particular, continues at a faster pace than ever,” said Mitchell Orchant, who served as the auctioneer.

The most valuable item at the auction was a Partagas 155th Aniversario Humidor. This celebratory piece was made in 2000 to honor the 155th anniversary of the brand Partagas. Sold for $14,200, this large humidor features a bottom compartment with four drawers and included four types of specially banded Partagas cigars.

The auction, held at a restaurant called the Boisdale of Belgravia, saw cigar collectors spend over $508,000 on rare cigars. The success of the auction only proves that the market for rare cigars is still in high demand. We wish we could get our hands on some of these cigars!

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