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Receive $5 off on Davidoff Mini Boxes of 50!

From the “bulk buy, big discount” department comes today’s special on one of our most popular small smokes. Davidoff Mini Cigarillos are a perennial BCP best-seller, bringing big-time flavor in a small package to busy smokers everywhere who only have a few minutes to get their primo-stogie fix. We’re already the best deal in town on these, with a box of 50 going for a skimpy $32.95, or 66 cents per cigar. Since we stocked up so big on the Minis, we have an even better deal which per usual you will reap the benefits of. We’re letting them go today for $27.95, so you can save a full dime per cigar. I know it doesn’t sound like as big a discount as some of our other specials, but on these little guys those dimes add up in a hurry. If you’re one of the loyal Davidoff customers who are enjoying these as your daily cigarillos, now is a great time to come on by and load up on these little smokes and save yourself some big dollars.