The Best Short Cigars That Won’t Leave You Out in the Cold

As the temperature outside dwindles, so too does most people’s desire to smoke outside. It can be tough to enjoy your cigar while your nose is running and all sensation is lost in your fingers. Luckily, there’s a life hack for this predicament: shorter cigars! There is no shortage (pun intended) of top-notch cigars that happen to be four inches, or even less. Here are some excellent options if you want to finish your cigar fast without sacrificing quality.

Juarez Shots LE 2022

Juarez Shots Limited Edition Cigars - Five-Pack

A favorite limited-edition blend from 2022, Juarez Shots prove that short cigars can still be popular. The deep brown San Andres wrapper gives a full-strength boost to the Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, resulting in complex and satisfying flavor. Even though only 750 boxes were produced, Best Cigar Prices still has five-packs of this beloved blend available (as of this writing). Act now to ensure you have this rare cigar in your humidor for the winter.

Nub Nuance Triple Roast 438

CAO Nub Nuance Triple Roast 438 Cigars - Box

Let’s face it, when most people hear “short cigar,” Nub is the first brand to come to mind. They’ve been so successful that several blends have been released under the name. So, why the Nuance Triple Roast 438? Well, aside from being a fan favorite, it has the perfect flavor profile for winter. Combining roasted espresso with a touch of sweetness makes for the perfect smoking experience on a chilly day.

Le Careme Pastelitos LE 2023

Le Careme Pastelitos Limited Edition Cigars - Box

We’ve already mentioned a limited-edition blend from 2022, so why not include a limited 2023 cigar too? You may know La Careme cigars as a tasty offering from the respected Crowned Heads brand, but the Pastelitos has a few fun twists. Not only is it a short 4 x 54 cigar, but it also features a pigtail cap and isn’t box pressed like other La Caremes. Its Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper lends a taste of wooden nuttiness with hints of chocolate, all delivered within a full-strength smoke.

Undercrown Shade Grown Flying Pig

Undercrown Shade Grown Flying Pig Cigars - Box

Just because a cigar is short doesn’t mean it can’t be fat. Undercrown’s Shade Grown Flying Pig is a gorgeous perfecto that measures four inches long with a 60-inch ring gauge. If you think it looks good, wait until you taste it. A brilliant golden Connecticut wrapper takes center stage to offer a toasty, creamy profile that makes for easy, yet satisfying, smoking. Don’t miss an opportunity to bring these stellar sticks to your humidor.

Of course, there’s no need to stop at these picks. Best Cigar Prices has a vast array of smaller cigars to choose from—all at rock-bottom prices. Find the perfect blend to get you through these winter months.

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