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Sit back and relax with our Labor Day sampler

Labor Day is such a great holiday. I would like to shake the hand of the dude who had the idea to give all the working stiffs out there a day off to be lazy since they have to work so hard all the time. I usually spend my day off relaxing, barbecuing, and smoking fine cigars with my friends. That is certainly my plan for this year, it’s been a winner so far. I’m sure just like me you all either need to pick up some new sticks or will need to replenish your humidor after the holiday. With that in mind, I put together the Labor Day Special Sampler for your smoking pleasure. This one has 10 easy-going smokes that will allow you to max out your lazy time this long weekend. It’s got a little bit of everything so you can have something to offer anyone, as well as having some options like a mellower stick for the afternoon with some richer full-bodied options that will go perfectly after your 3rd burger.

The cigars include top lines from some of the best known cigar manufacturers around. You’ve got Montecristo, Alec Bradley, Perdomo, Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel, and Punch represented. You know you’re getting quality, so how about the deal? These would go for around $75 (or more depending on your state) if you picked them up as singles at your local shop. Since I was too lazy to charge that much with Labor Day coming up, I’m letting you have them for a minuscule $34.95, or $3.50 per premium smoke. Since I’ll assume you have Labor Day off paid, you’ll earn more than enough to pay for this sampler before you finish sleeping in on Monday.