Smoke Notes Cigar Review: Camacho American Barrel-Aged Robusto

camacho_barrel aged stickCamacho American Barrel-Aged Robusto (5×50)camacho_barrel aged b

W: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

B: American Broadleaf

F: American Broadleaf, Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Honduran Corojo

Factory: Occidental Cigars, D.R.

The first Camacho core line cigar to be produced in the Dominican Republic, the American Barrel-Aged features a blend made up almost entirely of U.S.-grown tobaccos. The secret ingredient in these patriotic smokes? A six-year old Honduran Corojo leaf that was aged for an additional five months in bourbon barrels.


  • This cigar oozed with dense flavor right out of the gate: charred wood, cocoa, and mouth-tingling red pepper spice with a lingering syrupy sweetness on the finish.
  • If the 1st third was a “10” in terms of flavor intensity, the 2nd was about an “8,” as a new wave of smoothness washed over its bold, layered profile.camacho_barrel aged smoke
  • About 2 inches in I began to pick up subtle notes of rye bread and honey.
  • The 1/2 mark saw the lip-smacking “campfire” note in full effect.
  • In the final third there was a return to the full-bodied flavor intensity of the intro. This was by far the richest portion of the smoke, with lots of heavy cocoa, pepper, and strong tobacco flavor shining through.
  • The American Barrel-Aged is the first offering under Camacho cigars new “Master Built Series.” If this cigar is any indication of what we can expect from the series in the future, I’m looking forward to it.
  • For the time being, each box of Camacho American Barrel-Aged ships with 2 complimentary rocks glasses and an ice ball mold set.
  • Despite the bourbon barrel-aged leaf component used in the blend, I detected no flavors that were outright “boozy” in nature.
  • While I agree with this cigar’s listing as “full-bodied,” I would add that it delivers its strength in a very manageable, and never-overwhelming fashion.
  • This stick displayed the long ashes, straight burn, and full, even draw that only comes with the most well-crafted cigars.

camacho_barrel aged closeupFlavor Report: Dark wood, cocoa, red pepper, syrupy sweetness, rye bread, honey, campfire, rich tobacco

Overall: 10/10

Not only did the Camacho ABA have one of the most engaging flavor profiles I’ve tasted in a while, but its top-notch construction and perfect burn really put it over the top. If I had to describe this cigar in just one word it would be “impressive.” It’s not often that I find every aspect of a cigar to be this enjoyable.

Have you tried the Camacho American Barrel-Aged? If so, we’d love to hear your take on it. Let us know what you thought in a comment below.

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